Does your organisation suffer from increased patient waiting time due to insufficient or slow radiology reporting? This is often caused by a lack of skilled manpower. This situation is causing a huge loss for the hospitals, the clinicians and impacting on patient outcomes.

Globally, leading hospitals and standalone diagnostic centres are experiencing an acute shortfall in the number of radiologists. The number of radiographic procedures being conducted is witnessing tremendous growth but is not being matched by a similar increase in the radiologist population. It is estimated that the number of radiographic imaging procedures are increasing at an annual rate of 15% as compared to a minor 2% increase in the radiologist population, thus leading to a huge supply deficit. Tele-radiology is the ideal solution to address this need.

Radiographic images are captured at your location and are then transmitted to radiologists in a central reporting hub, through a secured platform, where the images are interpreted and reported back to your clinicians. The concept of Tele-radiology revolves around the principles of reduced turnaround time, cost effectiveness and customized reporting.

Our team includes specialist radiologists, with vast international experience, who are fully trained in reading and diagnosing all forms of radiographic images, including:

  • Digital X Ray
  • CT Scan
  • MRI Scan
  • Mammograms
  • Ultrasound

Our team is well equipped and staffed to handle various cases ranging from emergency reporting, elective (regular) cases and sub-specialty diagnosis.

Our radiologists are competent in whole body imaging with sub-specialty expertise in GI, Musculoskeletal and Neuro-radiology. Clients are provided with detailed reports in the fastest turnaround time.

To insure patient confidentiality all images are transmitted on a secure platform.