Air Ambulance

At Medican Service Company we have a variety of air ambulance services, so you can be assured you get the right service to meet your patient's medical needs and deliver this at the best price. Our international bed to bed transfer is designed to deliver the best in class patient outcomes cost effectively.

Transfer on Air Ambulance

In situations where a patient requires critical monitoring and care, or when a commercial flight is unsuitable due to a patient's condition or geographic location, a transfer on an air ambulance may be necessary.

Our air ambulance services are designed to transport patients to and from anywhere in the world. Our team are experienced in handling all aspects of international travel, from working with foreign consulates and customs, to arranging ground transportation for evacuation to and from facilities, and handling all details involved with the medical transport.

Our air ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art avionics, allowing us to fly worldwide for repatriation services.

Transfer on Commercial Aircraft with Medical Escort - Stretcher or Seated

A stable patient that is able to sit or be stretchered may consider the more cost-effective option of flying on a commercial aircraft with our medical escorts. Our trained medical escorts are available to accompany patients and provide medical support anywhere in the world.

Once clearance for the medical transfer is given the Operations team will handle the trip scheduling, purchasing seats, arranging for ground ambulance transport, as well as liaising with the airlines and receiving facilities.

The medical escorts will accompany the patient on the board the aircraft, providing life-support as necessary, and monitoring his or her condition throughout the flight. Depending on the patient’s condition, our medical escorts comprise an Intensive-Care-Unit trained physician and nurse. Our medical escorts will also be responsible for administering medical care and medication, and assist the patient with any other medical needs. They will also assist the patient with boarding, de-planing and security clearance.

After the flight, the patient is escorted to the medical facility and a post-flight report is given to ensure a smooth transition for the patient.